Physically withdrawing from drugs, alcohol, or a combination of the two can prove to be highly dangerous and potentially deadly if not endured under professional, medical care. Detoxification clinics allow patients the opportunity to cleanse their bodies of chemical substances while receiving around-the-clock medical supervision, ensuring a safe and comfortable physical withdrawal process.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Once the body is physically free from drugs and alcohol, the mind may still very well be entirely consumed. Extended-stay residential treatment facilities provide a safe environment for the newly clean addict or alcoholic to begin learning about the underlying causes of their disease, and undergo intensive therapy essential in unearthing coexisting disorders and preventing the possibility of relapse.

Sober Living

The last phase of recovery is the implementation of a personalized aftercare program, often consisting of residence in a local transitional living house. Residents are required to work jobs and pay rent, and learn to assimilate back into society without relying on drugs or alcohol. There is far more freedom in this phase of recovery, but not without the responsibility and accountability necessary to begin becoming a productive member of society.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Allows addicts and alcoholics nationwide to stop living unfulfilled lives completely consumed by their addictions and physically, mentally, and emotionally recover from life-threatening and soul-shattering substance dependency.

Addiction Treatment – A Carefully Phased Model

Attempting to overcome a life-threatening addiction to drugs or alcohol by yourself can quickly prove to be impossible – the physical symptoms of chemical dependency are often so physically, mentally, and emotionally intense that it may seem the only realistic option is to die at the hands of this devastating disease. Fortunately, the penetrating hopelessness that many alcoholics and addicts experience is simply another symptom, and professional help is both readily available and easily accessible to everyone. It is never too late to seek support in putting an end to the vicious cycle of addiction, and begin living a meaningful, fulfilled life free from the deadly grips of drugs and alcohol. nAddiction treatment is typically recommended in three separate phases, each equally important in setting a solid foundation for recovery and maintaining long-term sobriety. Initially, it is crucial for the addict or alcoholic to undergo medically monitored detoxification, seeing as physical withdrawal can often prove to be highly dangerous and potentially fatal if not overseen professionally. Secondly, extended inpatient treatment is consequential in identifying underlying causes of addiction and treating each client therapeutically on an individualized basis. Lastly, a comprehensive aftercare plan is required for successful reintegration into society – learning to live a normal life without unhealthy reliance on a chemical substance. Addiction treatment has vastly improved and saved innumerable lives nationwide, and is available to all who wish to stop harming themselves and the ones they love due to an all-consuming, life-shattering addiction.